Modern Baby Room Style

As a mom-to-be in my 8th month of pregnancy, I'm in full "nesting" mode.  So, it's time to create the nursery!! I've been having  a great time coming up with various ideas and design concepts.  My husband and I have a decorating style that tends to lean towards the modern (ie: we love Hermen Miller), so ideally I would like the baby's room to flow with the general feel of our house, but at the same time, I want the room to be cozy and baby appropriate.   After watching the Bravo show 9 By Design (a reality show about a designer family with 7 kids, living in Manhattan), from a quick glance at their newborn's baby room, I realized that a nursery can be just as chic, hip, and modern as the rest of your house. Hooray!! In fact, the 9 By Design family, the Novogratz's , recently did an interview with People Magazine discussing their nursery design tips.  Here are a few highlights I found particularly enlightening:

Go for a neutral hue. Pale yellow, green or even white work well. You can always add accessories and bedding for color later.

Keep the décor simple. You want to create a room that will work regardless of the sex. Plus, kids grows up so quickly, it’s best to design something you can update over time.

Have fun with art. Cool, colorful posters and paintings will stimulate your baby from the moment they are born. Just frame with plexiglass to guard against accidents.

Loves it!  As a major art lover, I especially can cosign to the idea of decorating the nursery with great art.  Also, creating a sex and color neutral room can actually save money, as it won't necessitate creating a new decorating theme every couple of years as the little one matures.

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