Mindful Self-Care


Shondra Rimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy, etc, and author of Year of Yes) posted this message on Instagram today.  “Self care is how you take your power back.” I let out a deep breath when I read that. Life is a constant bombardment of everything and sometimes it can feel impossible, and feelings of impossibility can lead to a loss of power - giving it away to someone else, forgetting how much power you have, refusing to use your power, being scared of your power. 

We have to take care of ourselves, especially as women, as moms, as family care takers.  The load is real. And while there are countless rewards, it doesn’t mean that the day to day doesn’t take a toll.    

But here’s my thought: self care is essential, I agree, but I think it needs to be mindful. When I was going through a hard time, I was running around doing a lot of “self care,”here and there, but it wasn’t really penetrating. What I realized is that my self care needs to be ongoing, constant and address several different aspects of my life: friends, hobbies, family, health, solitude , relaxation, creativity. Clearly I’m not doing these things all at once or even in the same week, but they are all necessary for my self care routine. So, that’s what I mean by “mindful self care.” I think we have to think of the thing(s) that actually re-charge us.  And not just self caring for the sake of self-caring.  But really thinking about what we need to make our soul happy, and do that thing or things or series of things. And it will be different for everyone. And it will be different on a given day. But I think if we have a list of things that help us re-charge, big and small, we can mindfully incorporate self-care into everyday - and adjust for time, space, budget, etc. as necessary.  Because we have to keep going. Failure is not an option. And maybe this will help us win back, keep, and grow our power. 💪🏾💪🏾💃🏿👸🏾

Crystal Ahmadi