Miles & The Nutcracker

A friend and I took our boys to see the Nutcracker last week. When I told a few people that I took my 2 year old son to a ballet, I got some "you couldn't pay me enough to take my 2 year old to the theater," or "yikes, how did THAT go??!" Honestly, it went great! The boys really enjoyed themselves. Miles friend actually sat in his seat the wholetime. My son was a bit more rambunctious. He was in and out of his seat, standing up dancing, climbing on my lap, but he did stay seated for the majority of the show, and he wasn't overly loud. His rambunctiousness was mostly in the form of asking questions or dancing. Sometimes I underestimate and overly baby my son. I often think "oh he's too young for that" or " he wouldn't be interested in that." The reality is that you never know until you try. And now I know that my son can sit through a 2 hour live show. I love it!! Although Miles enjoyed the show and the music, there was one thing he he want quite feeling. After the show i tried to make him take a few pics with the nutcracker statues, but he was too scared. So in all the pictures he's at least 10 feet away. Lol!