Miles' First Dentist Trip


We had our order dentist trip! Some dentists recommend having a first trip at 2 years old, some at 3, but our dents it suggested that we bring miles in at 2.5 for a "fun" visit. I think this is a brilliant idea! On the first visit, the dentist basically gets the kids comfortable with all the dental equipment, explains and how the teeth cleaning will work, and send them home with a bag of dental goodies and a few toys. Great idea, right?Miles loved it. He listened the dentist's requests: latin down, opening his mouth, spitting out the water, etc. i actually cannot believe how well he listened, especially since he is a in a very special little non-listening mood these days. But he really enjoyed the whole process, and he's still talking about "Dr. Tom." actually our dentist is a pretty awesome character. He spends a great deal of his time and money providing services to children in Haiti. This is exactly the type of guy I feel comfortable taking care of my little Miles. Here are some pic from our visit: