Tiny Philanthropist: Miles At Work


As I mentioned, today Miles attended his first charity breakfast to support his grandpa's charity At Work and he was looking dapper, thanks to Baby Gap. Miles did great, thanks to some last minute help from my 18 year old cousin Roderick, who Miles now fondly calls "uncle."

BTW, check out this charity! Its called At Work. They're doing great things in helping the disabled community secure stable jobs. It's such a great cause. The breakfast was amazing. It inspired both laughs & tears, the food was yummy, and the host Jean Enerson -a popular Seattle New Anchor - was a marvelous. She had a lot of wonderful sentiments, including one of my favorite quotes of the morning: "We need to embrace all citizens and embrace all possibilities."

Another one of my favorite parts of the morning was an At Work client named David. He is employed by Coinstar and helps with the company's "green" efforts by helping with recycling. He was a warm and lovable spirit, and at the beginning of the program he walked around giving autographs !! It was so cute.

My dad is on the board for this charity, and I am very proud of his work. Seriously, it was a great morning.

Here are a few pics from the event: