Michelle Obama's Legs Take Center Stage at the African American Museum Groundbreaking

20120222-024710.jpg "Hot legs! Michelle Obama takes centre stage for her prized pins as Barack launches the new museum of African American History."

I just had to repeat that headline from The Daily Mail because I thought it was very cute. FLOTUS is one of my favorite mamas!

President Barack Obama and our lovely First Lady Michelle Obama attended the groundbreaking for construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This will be the 19th museum at the Smithsonian.

This is an important addition to the Smithsonian that will enable all Americans to experience the struggles and success of African Americans, because the African American story, is also simply an American story.

President Obama said that he wants his daughters 'to see the shackles that bound slaves on their voyage across the ocean and the shards of glass that flew from the 16th Street Baptist church, and understand that injustice and evil exist in the world...But I also want them to hear Louis Armstrong’s horn and learn about the Negro League and read the poems of Phyllis Wheatley. '