Michelle Obama: My Favorite Fashion Looks

Whatever your political leanings, you have to admit, FLOTUS Michelle Obama is pretty mayjah.  She brought a rare combination of style, energy, class, fun, dedication, intelligence and warmth to the White House that is pretty enviable.  She's done us women proud :).  So, in honor of election week, I decided to take a look back at some of my favorite FLOTUS looks.

If you ask me, she can do no wrong.  She is The Modern Woman.   She's stylish - but not always in a predictable way - she often chooses up and coming designers and is willing to attempt new looks.  She's wicked smart, hello, Harvard Law.  She's dedicated her tenure as First lady to educating and promoting healthy eating and exercise in our youth through her Let's Move campaign.  She seems like they type of woman you want sit down with and have a glass of wine and a girlfriend chat.  And at the end of the day she is a devoted mother and wife.  She stands by her man.  She is everything I aspire to be.  But most importantly, can I have her wardrobe?!??!

Seriously, you guys, as I was composing this blog, and looking through hundreds of images of FLOTUS, I cannot believe how many fabulous looks she has worn over the years.  I really love her.
If you love Michelle Obama's fashion as much as I do, you MUST check out this blog I just discovered called Mrs. O, which is dedicated to following FLOTUS fashion.