Marni Mania


So last week was the launch of Marni for H&M, and it was indeed Marni Mania, but not in the way I had hoped. These designer collaborations at H&M are always cray cray, with people camping out the night before so they can get in to snatch up the couture inspired goodies. However, I was hoping that since Marni is a little less well known in the mainstream than someone like Versace, this time I might have a shot of getting myself a few pieces.

We were actually visiting San Francisco last week and our hotel was only 2 blocks from the Powell Street H&M! Perfect, right? I figured that since Miles has been waking up at 6 AM anyways, I'd throw him in the stroller and my husband, Miles, and I could snag a place in line.

Well, of course that wasn't in the cards for me. My husband ended up having a 7AM meeting, so he couldn't join us. But, I wasnt going to be discouraged. At 6:39 Miles and I headed to Starbucks, got a coffee for me and a muffin for him, and got ourselves into line at H&M. Our chances of getting in looked promising. The line only extended about a block and half by the time we got there and the doors would open at 8 AM. I thought we were well equipped with our snacks, warm clothes, and IPad for entertainment. Apparently, Miles thought otherwise. About 15 minutes after we got in line he started screaming "Dumbo, Dumbo." so I tried putting on the movie, but the screaming continued. And not just a little screaming. These were big, loud, and frankly something I'd never heard him do before. I tried everything I could think of: milk, juice, muffin, taking him out of the stroller, putting him back in, etc, etc all while the fashionably dressed San Franciscans in line looked at me with a mixture of pity and "what does she think she's doing here with that baby." In the end, I decided a dress wasn't worth torturing my toddler, and we left our place in line to go for a walk. The woman behind me kindly offered to hold my place, but if he was that upset in a line, imagine how pissed he would be in the mayhem of frothing shoppers trying to get a deal. No, the best choice was to cut and run, so we went for a nice little walk around Union Square. The funny thing is that as soon as we were 2 feet away from that line Miles was back to smiling and talking. Kids are funny.

I certainly learned my lesson: some activities just aren't going to work with a toddler, BUT you never know unless you try! And I'm glad I at least tried :).