Look of the Week: Gwen Stefani


In my ideal world, Gwen Stefani would be my mama doppelganger. She's adorable, has a hot husband, two adorable little boys, a killer music career, a fabulous fashion line, always manages to look cool, is constantly snapped by the paparazzi running around the beach with her boys, and she just makes it all look so stinking easy! Ugh! If I didn't want to be her, I might be green with envy. Lol.But seriously, joking aside, I really love this look. Colored denim, a tank and a pair of heels. I actually think this is an easy everyday look and its so cool and sexy. I'm planning on copying it with my new orange denim and a pair of wedges (since I won't even pretend like I can run errands in 6 inch heels).