London: Day 1

I thought I had it all together: hair freshly dyed, mani pedi, eyebrows waxed, several fabulously cute outfits packed, lists from friends about all the great places to visit. I was ready for my first trip to London! Not only was I going to london for the first time, but I was going with my husband, while our son stayed back in Seattle with his grandparents. So naturally I created an image in my mind of all the lovely outfits I could wear, strolling along Notting Hill, sans my 2 year old appendage.Well, considering this is the real world, and not some imaginary land I like to occasionally transport myself to, naturally things didn't go as planned. There are a lot of advantages to having a European husband, but one of the down sides is that pesky little Green Card. About 5 years ago my husband and i drove to Vancouver, BC for our anniversary, only to realize he didn't bring his Green Card. So once we got to border control, we reported this information and turned around to drive back to the states. Fast forward to present day - apparently this little incident is listed as my husband being denied entry into Canada. So as fate would have it, our flight to London is through Air Canada with a layover in Toronto. Thanks to that little entry denial, we are red flagged in the system and have to make a special trip through immigration; we try not stress because we have an hour to make our next flight. Unfortunately for us, we had just come in behind two planes from China. Ha! What are the odds! The immigration guard kindly informed us that we absolutely would not be making our next flight. Splendid. UN.BE.LIEVABLE! Well we did have one stroke of luck. We were rebooked onto another flight leaving three hours later. Not ideal, but we would at least arrive early enough for my husband to make it to his business meetings. Well we in fact arrived in London safely, but of course our luggage didn't make it with us. Arg! My poor husband is in a t-shirt and flip flops with an important meeting in 2 hours and I'm seriously annoyed because we had plans to see a show and attend a party later that evening and now I have nothing to wear - not to mention the loss of all my other outfits I so carefully selected for the trip. Not cool Air Canada, not cool at all. But we're determined to have a good trip. After all, this is London, they're not exactly short on clothes. So after a quick check in to our hotel and a shower we head to the neighborhood of my husbands first meeting, found the first clothing store within a 1 block radius, bought him 2 shirts and a pair of shoes, and breath a sigh of relief - he still had 10 minutes to make it to his meeting. So I held his laptop bag while he quickly dressed as we dodged foot traffic and ran along the street back to the meeting building. Phew! I'm now sitting in a nearby Starbucks decompressing with a latte. Stayed tuned for Day 2. Ps, I must note that we apparently managed to look good through all of this: as we frantically searched for an outfit for my husband a woman came up and asked us for fashion advise on her purchases because she thought we looked very hip. Ha ha! Maybe the frazzled look suits me ;).