Little Hands


One of the things I love about being a mom is the hands of my babies.  Kids always find a way to grab you, hold you, wrap themselves around you.  These are some of my most enjoyable moments.  Those hands are like tiny magnets, finding you no matter what. And they are also remindedrs of who we are, as people.  At our core, finding something to hold onto,  to feel safe in, is amazing. It’s scary and beautiful to be that for another person. But those little hands! Thats what keeps me moving most days.  Those moments, especially as the kids get older and they’re mad at you for making them do homework,or not having enough play dates, or keeping them from devouring a can of whipped cream - because during the day your often the bad guy as their mom as you’re tasked with the impossible job of raising a human - so I always treasure those moments of cuddles, of little hands, little bodies searching for a safe space.  Motherhood is fulfilled with tiny little moments like these and they are magical - because if they weren’t, none of us would be crAzy enough to do this sh*t!! 🤣🤣😎


Crystal Ahmadi