Little Activists


Politics depress me. Especially now. But what I’ve realzied is that I can’t complaint I can’t kick and scream and say  “this is unfair, this is f*cked up,” if I don’t participate in the process.  

As a mom, raising a little brown boy and little brown girl, I know that I need to fight for their futures in any way possible. And I want them and all kids to understand and appreciate their important place and impact in the world.  #teachthemearly #teachthemyoung

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling especially frustrated by the state of things. And then I remembered, mid terms are coming! 

My kids’ school is committed and involved in community engagement, so I thought, hosting a Voter Registration table felt like the right thing to do in this moment in time (I actually didn’t even realize that this last Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day!).

Im not changing the world, but doing something, anything, feels very necessary right now.  

Crystal Ahmadi