Just getting Started


Happy 30th birthday to me!! Is this the end of my youth? Nah, I'm just getting started!! I woke up this morning to my son crying "mama, mommy!" from his crib. So I started my day comforting my little Miles with hugs and kisses while the sounds of my husbands voice drifted in from his office as he conducted a business call in German. Miles and I walked out into our living room, where we saw the sun reflecting off the lake and glimmering through the tall green evergreens in our yard, and I thought, "there's a bit of sun just for my birthday .":) Then a glance into our dining area showed a table filled with fresh flowers, champagne on ice, a pot of coffee, strawberries, and apple tart, all set up for my birthday from my husband before he had to rush off to his conference call. On top of all that I had two beautiful messages from my parents and a plethora of birthday wishes on my Facebook page.

So I had to pause and think to myself, this is my life, and it's wonderful. Its bits of simple homeliness sprinkled with fabulousness is such a blessing. Sometimes in the mayhem of life, I forget how good I have it. Sometimes I'm so busy trying to figure out how to make the future look better, I don't realize how spectacular the present is. Sometimes I take for granted all the love I have in my life. Sometimes I forget to stop and be thankful for all the little things that make my life special.

If part of growing older is growing wiser, I hope to be doing a lot of that in my 30s. Yes, I'm 30, and I still have a lot of growing to do, but unlike my 20s, I hope to spend these growing stages with my eyes open. I hope to take in all of my experiences and appreciate them for the good and bad lessons they have to offer, I hope to open myself to a lot of new experiences, and I hope to break down barriers both self inflicted an extraneous. But how lucky am I that I get to do all these things with a loving and supportive family (which includes the most adorable little boy in the world, my Miles).