It's a girl, let the shopping begin!


It's a girl, let the shopping begin! Lol! But seriously, it's a girl!! I'm so excited that I get to have one of each. Honestly, I would have been happy either way, because kids are just so spectacular, but I'm really glad that Miles gets to have a little sister.We had our 20 week ultrasound appointment this week, and it was such happy news that not only is my baby healthy but it's also of the female variety. It was kind of funny because my mom came with us to the appointment and of course she was squealing and giddy. Then she confessed, "I wasn't going to say anything, but dad really was hoping for a granddaughter this time." Oh, grandparents. Also, miles has been saying from day one that he was having a baby sister. Kids have amazing intuition. But seriously, my shopping budget is about to go out of control. Have you seen how cute baby girl clothes are??!! My friend who is due one day before me and also expecting a girl has been texting links amazingly girly shopping sites. Think polka dots a d bows and way too cute tights and tutus. Oh this is going to be dangerous....