Is It Okay to Drink in Front of Your Kids?

20120411-070554.jpg Anyone who knows us knows that we enjoy our vino, and that hasn't changed since we've become parents (of course minus those 9 pregnancy months). So of course I found this article to be an interesting read: Should You Let Your Kids Try Alcohol in which the author addresses the question of whether exposing our children to alcohol makes them more or less likely to abuse alcohol as they grow up. The article starts of with a particularly memorable quote which grabbed my attention: When my son James was 10 months old, he was baptized into my religion. The ceremony took place in Bordeaux, and I performed it myself, rubbing a small amount of 2000 Château Pétrus on his gums.

My husband and I have not yet let our toddler try any alcohol, and I'm not sure I quite agree with the idea, but there is always the question of when is it okay to let your kid have a little taste?