Infant Arts & Crafts

I began having a blast with Miles from the moment he was born.  I am one of those painfully annoying moms who finds her baby's poops, burps, and spit-ups to be wonderfully entertaining.  However, as Miles continues to grow and develop, the fun keeps growing.  Our newest activity is painting. A few months ago I met a nanny who told me that she has the children she watches painting and coloring at 3 months old.  Although the babies don't know what they are doing, she said that they eventually catch on and it is a great way to learn about colors.

I wasn't quite ready to engage Miles in arts & crafts time at 3 months old, but when he reached 6 months, I thought I'd give it a go:

With the short attention span of my 6 month old, naturally our art session didn't last long, but we had a pretty good time.  (It actually took me more time and energy to set up our painting area).  I spread and taped and old sheet onto the hardwood floors, ripped up and old paper bag for Miles to use as his canvas, put a few globs of non-toxic finger paint colors onto the paper bags, and let Miles go to town.  At first Miles wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do, but once I performed a little demonstration and then dipped his hands in the paint he got the hang of it.  However, I do think he was a little unsure about the whole process because he was very cautious, which is SO unlike him.  Miles is usually a rough and tumble kind of kid, but he was careful and interested in observing instead of flinging painting around (which is what I thought he would do).  I had anticipated that him and I would be covered in paint by the end of our project, but we both only had a few smudges on our legs and arms.  I can't wait to see what his reaction will be the next time!

These are a few of my tips to keep baby paint time fun and stress free:

  • Get stripped:  Take off the babies clothes and let him paint in his diapers so your not paranoid about paint on his clothes
  • Non-toxic paint: Use non-toxic, child friendly finger paints.  Crayola makes washable, non-toxic finger paints, and other brands are easy to find at most art stores.  You can make your own.  Check out this article about home made paints.
  • Box-it-up:  After your done, throw everything into a box for next time.  It will be easier to keep up with arts & crafts time if everything is in one place, instead of hunting all over the house for a sheet, the paints, the paper, etc.