I Never Thought I'd Feel This Tired...Again


Tired isn't even the right word. More like, drained. Yes, that's it - like a vampire snuck in, took a big ol' bite and sucked 99% of life out of me. It's just the weirdest feeling. (Excuse my vampy reference, I just finished catching up in Vampire Diaries).Now, don't get me wrong, I feel extremely blessed and am so beyond excited, i can barely contain myself. Yesterday, I caught myself telling someone I had just met how exciting it was to see so much development and activity during my 12 week ultrasound, and how different it was from my first child, blah blah blah. Yikes, way too much oversharing, right? Like, why did they need to know all that? But I just can't stop talking about it, so yes, I am happy and thrilled. But I am also so very very tired. I don't remember being this tired with Miles, but then again, I had a completely different lifestyle, ie no toddler to run after. The past two months were tricky. I wasnt telling people about the pregnancy, but I'm sure there were people wondering what was wrong with me. I know I must have looked like something that cat dragged in. Despite my exhaustion and honestly, complete disinterest in looking fashionable, I still managed to stick with my motto not to wear sweats in public, but i cant say much more for my general appearance. Also, every time I took Miles to one of his classes, I was crabby and usually had to dash out right away because the constant moving would bring on intense cases of nausea. It was strange times indeed. But now I'm headed into my second trimester, and I've already been feeling MUCH better. It just so amazing how exhausting it can be growing a little life inside of you. And in 6 months, there will be a whole new type of exhaustion to look forward to :). I swear from an objective point of view, becoming a parent could easily look like the craziest thing in the world, but seriously, there is nothing better.