Hot Daily Deals


20120216-094518.jpg Since becoming a mom, I've started looking at spending choices a little more carefully. So, one of my favorite shopping methods has become discount sites such as Groupon or Gilt. Here are some deals I'm loving right now in the social shopping arena: Hunter boots and rain coats for kids

My Hunter boots are a staple in my wardrobe, especially in rainy Seattle, so I can't wait to get my little boy in one of their rain coats and rain boots! Marc by Marc Jacobs

I actually think Marc by Marc Jacobs works well as a mom friendly line. This line is supper stylish, simple, fun, young, and much more affordable than his other lines. However, because the prices are still a little spendy, snatching up a few pieces on discount at is a great way to go! $15 for a customizable iPhone Case

I'll be buying one and customizing it with a picture of my little boy! I love this deal!!