Hospital Check Lists

Now that I am in my 9th month of pregnancy, things need to be ready for the baby.  One important piece of readiness is the hospital bag.  Once those contractions start, neither me nor my husband will have the mindset to pack a bag.  So, it is recommended that moms-to-be pack their hospital bag well before the first contraction.  Everyone's bag will look different, but here's a look at my hospital bag check list:

Hospital Checklist

For Mommy

Nursing bra
Breast pads
Change of clothes and comfortable shoes to wear home (Juicy Suit and flip/fops)
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Face wash
La Mer Lotion
Hair bands
Lip moisturizer
Sanitary napkins
Breath mints and snacks
Books & magazines
Saje Mother’s Wellness Kit (essential oils used for calming and pain relief)
Bose docking station (for music)
Cell phone and charger

For Daddy

Watch with a second hand to time contractions
Camera/video camera and charger
Change of clothes
Dollar bills or change for vending machines
Cell phone
Reading Material (books, magazines)

For Baby

Newborn diapers
Receiving blankets
Newborn clothes
Infant hat
Infant car seat

It may be a bit TMI, but hopefully this also helps you other mommies to be with your hospital bags.  I found it really useful to look at a few other people's lists online and lists from pregnancy books to complete my list.  There were several items which I would never have thought of, such as hair bands, which are definite musts!  Fun times!!