Holiday Diary

So, as you can see, I'm catching up on my holiday posts since I've been MIA the past few weeks. We actually tried a new approach this year for the holidays. We were a bit Grinchy. Less gifts, more travel :).  Instead of going all out on gifts and decorations we planned a sunny trip to Mexico.   My husband and I figured that this would likely be the last year we could get away with not celebrating xmas before Miles started asking "where are my gifts, where's our xmas tree!?"  But ask or not, the truth is, I think we are going to do this trip thing every year.  It was phenomenal!!  We had a great time, and it was really really nice not dealing with all the xmas stress.   Maybe next time we'll decide to exchange a few small gifts during the vacation, but I'm not convinced its absolutely necessary.  Miles has so many toys and gets a million gifts all year long, I don't know if I feel quite obligated to play Santa in December.


Anyways, the one part of the trip I was very anxious about was the airplane ride.   The last long trip Miles took on a plane was to Germany, and he was a disaster, so I've been a bit terrified of long flights ever since.  Thankfully, Miles was awesome on the flight.  It's amazing the difference a year and an Ipad can make :).  Some friends of ours recommended that we place a few toys in separate plastic bags and break out a new plastic bag every hour or so.  It's a great strategy.  Play with one set of toys, and then just as the kid gets tired of those, you're breaking out something new.  It really worked for us!

The other part of the trip that surprised me was Miles' reaction to the ocean.  The entire reason we went to Cancun was because we thought the mellow waves and warm water of the Gulf would be much better for him than the Pacific (Cabo, Hawaii, etc).  However, there were still a few waves, and Miles was not having it.  That little boy is usually so fearless and loves anything where water is involved.  But it took him about 4 days to get comfortable in the ocean.  We found a little cove that was protected by a coral reef which prevented big waves from entering, and this little area really helped Miles get acclimated to the ocean.  It was actually quite lovely.  Every morning after breakfast we would walk about a half mile down the beach to this little cove and play there for about an hour, and then head back to our beach for some lounging with nachos and margaritas :).

I really can't wait to do this again next year!