H&M's Fashion Family Campaign


Have you seen H&M's latest ad campaign?  It is Ah-MA-ZING!   On HM.com there are the most adorable images of their new Fashion Family Collection.  I love it!  A family where everyone looks lovely. Seriously ladies, if you're going to look hip, so should your husband and little ones.  Don't be selfish, share the fashion love!

Do you remember that Pussycat Doll's song where they sing "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"  Well, when I look at these pics I keep hearing that tune in my head, but the words are "don't you wish your family was hot like mine?"   Is that weird? I know these are models, but I'm coveting everything about this scene!

I snagged a few pics for you to enjoy, but seriously go check out the site because there are more great images and they also lay out exactly what the family is wearing, along with prices, so you can easily get the looks yourself.















Don't you kind of wish you were part of this family. :)