Hello Wednesday


I don’t like risk. I’m painfully risk adverse. Honestly, grocery shopping stresses me out, because I’m like oh no, what if I get the wrong thing. Uuummm hello Karen, you can go back to the grocery store, stop being such a weirdo!  Anywyas, my point is that I like to get stuff right and when I don’t I cringe inside. Which is why my current career path is a constant test of my internal risk compass. Construction. Now, anyone in the industry will tell you there always delays and budget concerns, etc. Oart of the up is knowing how to navigate those and get shit done.  My dad - who I work for and has been in the biz for 40  plus years - tries to tell me that everyday.  When something doesn’t come in right or on time I’m I’m, not the calmest person in the house. I still get shit done, but my insides are usually outside in by the end of it - or at least they used to be.  I’ve had to really learn how to be more adaptable, to change, to adjust to criticism, to you know, being a normal human. It hasn’t been easy for me. In a naturally shy and timid person. So for me, in a small way, just showing up everyday is taking a risk at work.  

As a mom, I doubt every decision I make for my kids. I’m always trying to make sure they have the right opportunities and are happy and well loved and healthy and sometimes I feel like if I make one wrong decisions my house of cards will fall in on my precious babies.  Showing up as a mom everyday is a risk.

In my own ways, I guess I’ve taken risks my whole life. College, law school, marriage, kids, family, businesses. But the older I get the harder it feels to take risks, to try something new. To go big or go home.  So. Today is Wednesday.  A perfect day for a risk, no?  I’ve got something on my mind, and I think I wanna risk it. I’ll let you know how it goes....

Crystal Ahmadi