Hello Tuesday


The thing that’s great about Seattle, is that it’s actually a small city.  I live in an urban neighborhood, and I’m technically only about 30 blocks from the city.  Somehow, this summer it dawned on me that it was kinda not big deal to walk into town. My grandma did it for years (walking to Macys or Nordstrom to buy her little beauty products. She was so cute),but I guess I just thought she was superhuman.  

So, after discovering that a jog into town was totally doable, I decided that was how I would get in my runs.  So, on Tuesdays, I walk my kids to school and then jog into my office.  It feels amazing!! I cheat a bit because there’s a really big hill. But my favorite coffee shop also happens to sit in the middle of said hill.  So, I jog to the coffee shop, grab a coffee and walk up the rest of the hill while I happily sip my coffee. Then, I reach the top of the hill, toss my cup in the trash can that sits conveniently at the top of the hill (like it was put there for me and my cheater coffee), and finish my run.  Glorious!  It’s like whatever happens that day, I’m like, hey, Ima badass, I just jogged into work, I can handle it! 

This morning felt especially amazing.  It was chilly and breezy. A classic grey Seattle drizzle lingered in the air and the fall leaves lay in gorgeous colors along the streets.  A perfect Seattle jog. 

After work I meet my mom for barre, which feels like a special brand of torture that is oddly enjoyable. And then we top it off with a visit to the steam room and sauna. Sigh. Even as I write about my day I feel zenned out. It’s so good. I love Tuesdays!!

Let me tell you, this is a far cry from how my Tuesdays used to go.  I’d sit through a long work day and go home a drink wine.  Sometimes I could get myself to a work out class after work with girlfriends, but not consistently, because I was too worn out. 

Over the last few months, my life circumstances have forced me to re-evaluate my schedules, my days, my life. How I live, how I plan, what I make time for. And because of it I’ve become more efficient and effective.  I’m a work in progress, so I’m not always great at making this happen, but I’m trying and it helps. 

Like I say, one foot in front of the other.  Today is Tuesday.  Keep going.  

Crystal Ahmadi