Happy Mother's Day: Grandma In Style Edition

Grandparents, hold a special place in the lives of children, especially Miles' grandparents. So, in honor of this unique bond, I've asked my mom to guest blog once a month to provide her perspective on grandmahood, parenthood, relationships, and of course style (because she is one of THE MOST stylish moms and grandmas I know). So, since it's Mother's Day, I thought this would be the perfect time to start. But be sure to check for her entries every month. Enjoy Grandma In Style:


My beautiful daughter has asked me to be a guest on her blog and talk about being a grandma. The problem is where do I begin.....To keep it short and sweet I will list five things I love about Miles and being a grandma.

1. Being allowed to be apart of Miles life from day one. How blessed am I to be his grandma? The child is delicious!

2. Seeing his eyes light up and his magical smile when he sees me. He literally melts my heart.

3. Hearing him say "Oma"( grandma in German), whether he's happy or sad. Sad usually having to do with bedtime. Best time to cuddle .

4. There is an endless supply of kisses and hugs from my grandson. He is the most loving little thing. I take full advantage.

5. Watching him make others feel happy and loved. Miles truly has a tender heart even though he is still very young. Yes, I'm a proud grandma and only a proud grandma can get away with saying a 21 month old is already displaying empathy for others.

Thank you Crystal for being the most amazing mom. To watch you and my son-n-law parenting my grandson with such love and warmth is a very emotional experience.

As I have said before I am your biggest fan.