Happy Mother's Day 2013!


Today is Mother's Day. What a day. Once you become a mother, you suddenly realize why we need a holiday specifically celebrating mothers. We're amazing creatures, are we not? One of the things that I find truely interesting about motherhood, is that everyone's experience is unique, it is truely their own. No one else can claim to fully know or understand another mother's experience. Its our special little package. I like that. What I want to reflect on today is what makes my package so special. I'm sitting here, cuddled up on the coach, drinking tea as my boys are out buying goodies for Mother's Day breakfast, and I'm thinking about how very much I love my son. There is nothing more beautiful than having a family. I'm thnking about all the silly little things he says (yesterday he used the phrase "for the time being" correctly in a sentence. I am almost fell over laughing!), the quick patter of his feet as he runs (he almost never walks ANYWHERE) through the house, his morning cuddles, his kisses, when we lay in bed at night together after his nighttime story and he breaks out in a huge goofy smile and says "I like you mommy." Or just now how he ran in the house saying Happy Mother's Day with flowers and balloon in hand, but quickly asked if he could keep the balloon. Ha! That kid cracks me up. And now, I have another little munchkin in my tummy. Another little person who I get to love and shower with kisses, another little person who is going to say and do cute little things that probably only her family will find amusing. What fun!! I know motherhood can have it's not so pretty sides too, trust me, I KNOW, but on the whole, if you ask any mother, she wouldn't change it for the world. Yes, we do a lot, but whatever it is we do, our children seems to do so much more for us, teach us so much more, without even knowing it - laughter, smiles, silliness, curiosity, wonder, patience, compassion, unconditional love, resilience - the list can go on for miles. How lucky are we? Happy Mother's Day!