Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers of the world. As a mother, our work is not just a 9-5 grind, instead it's a 24 hour love, blood, sweat, and tears fest! It's a special privilege, that although can be trying at times, is something I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. As this is my first Mothers Day as a mommy, my husband asked me if there was anything special I wanted (he's especially awesome at getting fantabulous gifts), but all I could think of was a little bit of bubbly and some special time with my baby and husband.

However, although I love my family, it's nice to have a little break... So yesterday I kicked off my mothers day weekend with an hour long candle lit bubble bath, champagne, and an audio book. The rest of the weekend I've spent getting lots of love from my little son. What more can a mommy ask for? :)

Wishing all you moms out there lots of kisses, hugs, and a few minutes of alone time. Happy Mothers Day!