Happy Monday

20120213-102940.jpg A bunch of people posted this on Facebook last week, and somehow, it felt befitting for a Monday morning :).

So, anyways, it's the start of a new week, and for me, that always means new resolutions. This week's resolution is to get back to my workout routine! A few months ago I would take my son to the gym daycare and he loved it. Then one day he just decided to hate it, and would throw heart breaking tantrums, so I abandoned the day care option. This week I've decided to give it another go. Fingers crossed.

Sometimes as moms, we have to put ourselves first, which if you're a mother, you understand is an exceptionally difficult task. But if we can't take care of ourselves as women first, what good will we be to our partners and children? So, I'm just going to keep that thought in mind as I leave Miles in the day care to get my treadmill on. He loves playing and making friends, so I know he'll eventually get used to it, but it's just his initial melt down that's difficult for me to stomach. Aye! Commencing Mommy Operation Nerves of Steel in 5,4,3,2,1......