Happy Memorial Day

My boys and I just returned home after a lovely trip with my parents to a beach town called Discovery Bay (near Port Townsend). We stayed in a little beach cottage that was the location of many of my childhood summers. It was such a lovely experience to bring my son to my favorite little beach house to create his own memories. We BBQed, played in the sand, engaged in some lovely shopping in the town, and did a lot of relaxing. We also went to the Olympic Game Park, which was an interesting experience. The one thing that drives me crazy about that place is the tiny cages the animals are confined. However the experience of driving through the park while bison, zebras, peacocks, and buffalo wander up to your car window to be fed is fantastic for little kids. Miles had a very unexpected reaction to the feeding experience. My little fearless nature boy was actually quite intimidated by the bison and buffalo and adamantly refused to feed them. He clung to my neck for dear life and literally refused to even look at the animals when they came up to the car window for a snack. It was really cute. But the next day all he could talk about were the bison, so I guess they made a pretty big impression on him :). In general, he was much happier to play with the goats in the petting zoo. I guess that was more his speed.

Here are some pics from our fun holiday weekend: