Happy Humpy Day

Happy Hump Day! I actually really enjoy Wednesdays.  The kids and I work on homework, eat dinner out and then go swimming.  By the time we get home I only my have to read for about 5 minutes before they pass out. It’s perfection!

Today, it was interesting doing homework with my son. I kept vacillating between correcting his mistakes and letting him do it his own way. I really want my kids to learn to stand on their own, to be okay with making mistakes, and then trying again. So sometimes its hard to find the line between telling them HOW to do something vs. giving them a little guidance and letting them discover the answers on their own. Gosh, why is parenting so hard! So anyways, tonight was an especially challenging night in that department.  Do you know that I actually had to pull the “creditials card” on my own son?!? In class they are working on writing personal narratives and we were discussing how to write a “hook” for his intro...ie, what that means, what elements he should include, etc.  Long story short, Miles was NOT trying to hear any little bit of what I was saying.  So I was like, look little man, I studied English Literature and I’m a lawyer.  I kinda know words, trust me on this. And he ROLLED HIS EYES at me and said “yeah, well you’re 36, so of course you went to a lot of school and you think you know more than me, but you’re not hearing what I’m saying.” 💀💀💀🤯🤯I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was living with a teenager. Jesus.  If you need to find me, I’m just gonna be in the corner licking my wounds. #momlife

Crystal Ahmadi