Happy Fathers Day: What I Learned From My Husband

My son has a crazy dad. But it's that craziness that creates a balance. When I say something is too high, my husband says its not high enough, and encourages our son to go higher, faster, longer, wilder. The result is a happy, fun, engaged little boy. I remember when Miles was born, his doctor told me "when your husband throws your son in the air and you can't stomach it, leave the room, but don't stop them. Kids need that." She was absolutely right.My son will learn a lot from me - hard work, compassion, kindness, loyalty - but from his father, he will learn freedom. I operate in a world with a lot more self imposed boundaries than my husband, whereas he is much more of a free spirit. That man literally does what he wants how he wants, take him or leave him, that's his life philosophy. There is a certain amount bravery that comes with that attitude and I am so happy that my son will have that to balance out my neurosis. Because that's what marriage and parenthood is, a partnership. We balance each other, enhance each other, add to each other - and in that we can bring a wonderful world of love, fun, freedom, and learning to our children. Sometimes I doubt whether we are doing it right, but then my son comes bounding into the room while playing with papa, screaming and jumping like a hooligan, and takes a moment to pause, kiss me, and tell me he loves me. Yup, I think we're doing a pretty good job. So, Happy Fathers Day to my husband, my partner in crime. Thank you for helping me raise the happy, stubborn, loving, creative, free spirited, intelligent little child of my dreams. I'm looking forward to round two :).