Happy Fathers Day: What I Learned From My Dad

Today is Fathers Day. I feel very fortunate that I grew up with a wonderful father, who was 100% present. I took it for granted when I was younger because I assumed all dads were like mine, but now, as an adult, I understand what I treasure I was blessed with.To me, and I'm sure I feel the same way as a lot of little girls about their daddy's, my father is the definition of a man. Hard working, self sacrificing, teacher of all things from riding bikes to state capitols. My dad was there to embarrassingly scold me in front of friends when I misbehaved, and there to lavish me with love and nurturing the rest of the time. My dad was there to spoil me with things I didn't know I needed, and thing I definitely didn't need (seriously and ginormous hot pink barbie dream house?? I was definitely spoiled). Despite my insistence on being a frilly girly girl who wanted to stay inside and read books and draw, my dad was there teach how to also enjoy riding bikes, play sports, and engage with the world around me. He taught me about the meaning of self respect, love, marriage, commitment.

And now he's a grandpa. And as great as a father as he is, he is an equally amazing grandpa, but in very different ways. It's been funny watching my dad melt at the hands of my son. With me, my dad really was a strict disciplinarian. With Miles, it's all fun all the time. Miles calls his Opa (grandpa) his best friend. They around playing super heroes, telling stories, eating too many sweets, and laughing very loud. Sometimes it drives mommy crazy, but mostly, I am overjoyed that my son gets to have these experiences. So Happy Fathers Day to my dad, my hero in all things!