Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dedicated, hardworking fathers out there. Like motherhood, fatherhood is an adventure in which us mothers and fathers love, sacrifice, weep, laugh, and play together. A father's relationship with his little one(s) is simply irreplaceable. Growing up, I had a pretty perfect relationship with my own dad and now that I'm an adult, it's just as special. But it has been such an interesting pleasure watching the fatherhood role from the perspective of a mother. Everyday I feel very blessed that my son has such a devoted father. A father who speeds time reading, playing, swimming, kayaking, going to classes, etc, etc, and actually enjoys it. I can't even recall my husband complaining. Sure, we have tired days, but every night after Miles goes to sleep, my husband and I always express our joy in our day with him. I'm so happy that my son will get to grow up with the same fatherly experience that I had. A dad who will sacrifice willingly, but who also fully enjoys his role and his time with his family. Of all the things we will strive to give our son through the years I am truly happy that we can give him a family full of love, devotion, and fun.