Happy 2nd Birthday Miles


Two years ago today a wonderful little person entered my life. It's hard to believe that my little Miles is already two, and yet I feel like he's always been here. Seriously. Sometimes my husband and I will talk about vacations we took pre-baby and somehow I always imagine it so that Miles was there. Its absolutely mind boggling how such a little person can occupy so much life space in such a short period of time.I honestly cannot imagine not having him in my life. It has been an immeasurable joy watching him mature this year. It feels like in one year he became a completely different person. He likes to joke, "read" books (which is basically him pretending to read), play trains, paint, draw, swim, kayak, play make-believe, play hide-and-seek, and so many other things that were not even possible a year ago. I really cannot believe how much change happens in a year. And watching every minute of it has been nothing short of perfect. I just love that little boy so much I could burst. I know this is a terribly cliche thing to say, but in two years, Miles has brought more to my life and taught me more than I probably will teach him. Being Miles mommy has naturally been challenging at times (especially now that he's asserting his rights), but the highs completely outweigh any lows - there's just no competition. So now Miles is 2! I know that this year will go even faster and Miles' development will be even more acute. It makes me a bit sad realizing that we are heading out of baby years, but I'm also really looking forward to everything that comes next. Happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful, witty, adventurous, thoughtful, loving, firecracker of a son, Miles!