Halloween Success!


Somehow we managed to pull it off, last minute!

I went to goodwill and scrounged together some sort of skull, cape, axe creature for my son - my darling little soft souled morbid boy. And then I figured I’d take my little black dress that I wear every damn day to work and turn it into a Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment. AND THEN I remembered Holly Golightly’s Cat (the poor cat without a name) and my daughter already has a cat costume, so BAM! Halloween costumes success!


I spent Saturday morning digging through old jewelry and practicing skull and cat face paint on the kids.  


It’s funny that Holly Golightly came to my mind as a costume, because I think, in a way, I’m sort of having a Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment in life. A slow journey of self reflection and acceptance and learning to find, create, and accept happiness.  Moon River, indeed.

And honestly, you know what I love about holidays? The absence of reality.  The news this past week in America was particularly horrifying and hate-filled and my personal week started a bit rocky. But by the end of the week, I’m painting the kids faces and prancing around as Holly Golightly.  Holiday Magic!!

Its nice suspending reality for a bit.  But you know what was even nicer? This morning I woke up, and felt really GOOD in my reality (I was also happy not to be hungover from the party, lol).  But seriously, my house is warm and cozy, my kids are snuggled in my bed watching Sunday cartoons (which they’re not fighting over, hooray!), the windows are covered in raindrops and autumn leaves, and I’m spending a moment to myself sipping coffee.  The world is still terribly screwed up, but my little corner of the world is a calm and happy space - even when I’m not playing make believe.

Crystal Ahmadi