Gosh, Now I Feel Bad for Critizing Anne Hathaway


Ok, this will be my last post about the Hathaway/Lawrence saga, I swear, but, I just find it so intriguing. Ok, so the New Yorker published an article stating that people dislike Anne because she's a happy girl. Our society teaches girls to hide their enthusiasm and open grins in turn for brooding introspection and sarcasm. We've been taught to believe that a girl cannot be cute and happy and deep and intelligent simultaneously. Magazines, runways, red carpets, rarely showcase women smiling with their teeth. It's usually some serious look or a half grin. And, as the New Yorker points out, they're guarded and have defensive poses.Grrr. So now I have to be on Anne's side, because I 100% agree with this assessment. My mom and I both have rather over the top personalities. We smile and laugh a lot, and we are not very guarded in our approach to people (her much much more so than me) I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of times we've been criticized for seeming to happy, open, cheerful, etc. It grates peoples nerves. One point, my husband even told me that his family had a hard time connecting with me because I was too nice at first, and laughing and smiling too much, it made me seem disingenuous. It hurt, but I knew he was right. People don't like smiley girls. Unfortunately, its not really something i can turn off, believe me, Ive tried. And I suspect Anne might be a bit the same. You could tell she tried to tone it down for her Oscar speech, but she wasnt very successful. As the New Yorker puts it there is "a suppressed, itchy attitude that is probably more widely held than we’d like to think: the idea that young girls are ridiculous, annoying, and a little disgusting. They’re glittery, they squeal, they like attention." It makes me think. If my next child is a girl, what will a teach her? Will I make her hide her inner squealy girl and teach her the art of mystery and brooding so people will respect her more, or teach her never to lose her youthful girlish charms, if that's what makes her happy? I guess now, I have to sort of respect Anne. Living in that Hollywood machine and managing to maintain her inner zeal and glitter can't be easy. So gosh, now I have to kind of think she's awesome. Check out the article, it's an intersting read Anne Hathaway: In Defense of the Happy Girl