Goop Is Beautiful

So, Goopy Paltrow is the Worlds Most Beautiful Person, at least according to People Magazine. I've heard rumblings that this is just a desperate ploy by People be because Gwyneth and Chris Martin are divorcing soon, and People wanted to butter up Goopy to get the exclusive. I've heard that this is a PR grab to make Goopy feel better about being listed as the Most Hated Celebrity. Basically there's a lot of rumors around, mostly because folks aren't too happy with this choice.  I don't know.  It seems that the category of Most People doesn't have to mean most physically beautiful, because after all, beauty can, and should mean a lot of things.  Personally, I look Gwyneth.  I always have.  She's a princess, and she doesnt pretend to be anything else.  I like people who are  honest.  I like that she says she works out 5 days a week to get that body.  You know why I like it?  NOTHING erks me more than when a celebrity says, "Oh, I just eat right," or "I have a fast metabolism."  BS.  You want a body like Goopy, it takes either starvation or dedication.  And she chooses dedication.  It takes living the kind of life she lives, working out, eating extremely healthy, drinking lots of water, etc.  And it's a bit a fiction that only rich celebrities can do it.  For example, yesterday my mom asked me, "why is that you can't just get up at 6AM and work out every morning?"  And she's right!  Why can't I?  Sure I'm tired, but everyone's tired.  My parents get up at 5:30AM and work out everyday, they've been doing it for years.  They're 30 years older than my husband and I, and look way better!  And they aren't rich celebrities with mountains of free time.   So basically, lets stop hating on Gwyneth for being Gwyenth.  The reality is, we should apploud her, because a totally average looking girl can become  the Most Beautiful Woman by following a healthy lifestyle. Right?

And speaking of a Goopy lifestyle, have you read Goop?   I love it.  Its obviously pretentious, but its not worse than reading like, Vogue or Harper's Bazaar.  There's a bunch of things in those magazines that most of us could never dream of affording, but we read the magazines for great ideas on how to be fabulous.  Thats how I look at Goop.  No, I'm never going to have an estate in the English countrside with a perfect little veggie garden, but it doesnt mean her ideas are bad.  For example, in last week's newsletter there was a recipe for Aspargus Tempura made with rice flour.  Yummy and healthy.  I like my Goop.  Most Beautiful, I don't know, maybe not, but she's ok in my book.

And I'll tell you another thing, that girl knows how to do a Red Carpet.  I loved this Antonio Berardi dress at the Iron Man III premier last night.