Girls Day


When you have more than one kid, sometimes it it feels almost impossible to give each one exactly what they need.  But it is so so important to make space and time to engage with them individually. It’s not easy.  Most of us barely have time to catch our own breath in a day - but it’s so worth it.  Last weekend, I had some beautiful alone time with my daughter. I admit it, I didn’t schedule the one on one time independently. It came as the result of my son going with his dad for a boys birthday weekend for a friend.  But this meant, I had my little girl all to myself all weekend.   

We didn’t do any thing big, but we just enjoyed our day, enjoyed each other. We started at a local coffee shop for Nutella waffles and hot chocolate. Yeah, maybe a bit of sugar overload, but hey, that’s what a girls weekend is for!! We painted our nails outrageous colors.  We rode the bus to the beach. Walked into the city to swim at the pool and ended the day with ice cream and a sit at one my favorite spots.  It stated to rain, but we sat under an awning, her slurping ice cream, me sipping champagne while we watched the rain fall.  It was magical.

When her father returned, he remaked at how calm and centered she was. Despite a weekend full of sugar, she was peaceful.  Sometimes, all we need is a little one on one. A little space to be, do, say, sing, dance, move exactly as we want. Even just for 24 hours.  

Crystal Ahmadi