Gender Equality at Home

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Making our lives more bearable through gender equality in the home??  This article - 100 Easy Ways to Make Women's Lives More Bearable - is equal parts humor and equal parts truth.  I don’t agree with everything on the list, but it was certainly an enjoyable read.  

In my humble opinion, 68 - 70 (see below) should be closer to the top of the list.   Dozens of articles have been written on the topic of the mental load of women - and many-a-hair-pulling argument has transpired in my house on this very topic.  A person only has so much to give.  For me, the amount of energy it takes me to run a business, raise 2 kids, be a wife, a daughter, blah blah blah, leaves very little left of me on most days.  The world asks a lot of us, we need our batteries recharged.  A machine running on a low battery will not operate at optimal level and likely not at all.  So check your expectations please. That is all.  

Read the whole list for more titilating zingers.  There’s definitely some goodies!  From listening to women, to raising feminist daughters, to raising woke sons who listen, to not supporting Woody f***ing Allen!  Below are a few of my favorites:


1. Before explaining something to a woman, ask yourself if she might already understand. She may know more about it than you do.

2. Related: Never, ever try to explain feminism to a woman.


8. Trust women. When they teach you something, don't feel the need to go and check for yourself. And especially do not Google it in front of them.

9. Don’t maintain a double standard for… anything, ever.


12. Examine your language when talking about women. Get rid of “irrational,” “dramatic,” “bossy,” and “badgering” immediately.


25. Pay attention to stories with nuanced female characters. It will be interesting, I promise.


29. Stop raving about Woody Allen. I don't care if he shits gold. Find a non-accused-abuser to fanboy over.


37. If a woman makes a good point, say, “That was a good point.” Don't repeat her point and take credit for it.

38. Promote women. Their leadership styles may be different than yours. That's probably a good thing.


62. Examine how domestic labor is divided in your home. Who does the cleaning, the childcare, the organizing, the meal budgeting? Sons, this goes for you, too.

63. Learn how to do domestic tasks to a high standard. “I'd only do it wrong” is a bullshit excuse.


58. Raising a feminist daughter means she's going to disagree with you. And probably be right. Feel proud, not threatened.

59. Teach your sons to listen to girls, give them space, believe them, and elevate them.


 68. Examine who books your trips, arranges outings, organizes Christmas, buys birthday cards. Is it a woman? IS IT?

69. And if it is actually you, a man, don't even dare get in touch with me looking for your medal.

70. Take stock of the emotional labor you expect from women. Do you turn to the women around you for emotional support and give nothing in return?


98. Uplift young Black and Indigenous girls at every possible opportunity. No excuses.

99. Do not ever assume you know what it’s like.

Crystal Ahmadi