Gap Maternity Denim & Deals

Maybe it was stubbornness, maybe vanity, or maybe just a little bit of disbelief, but for some reason, I have been absolutely not interested in wearing maternity clothes.  As far as I’m concerned today’s pregnancy style is all about showing of your bump, so I convinced myself that I would just wear all my regular clothes, and they would just look slightly more snug.  In theory, it’s not a horrible idea, especially considering the state of the economy, it’s always better to use what you have than go out and spend money on a wardrobe that will likely last only a year (assuming I lose the baby weight…), right? So far, since I’m only 5 months pregnant, this theory has held up, and I’ve been able to get away with leggings, some blousy shirts, regular shirts which are just snugger, and high waist dresses.  However, the one item that simply cannot be pushed to the limit is jeans.

Right now, I’m loving Gap’s Maternity jeans.  They have several different panel options for pregnant bellies: low, medium, and high.  The low option has the jeans sitting below your belly with an adjustment band in the waistband so you don’t see it on the outside.  The medium panel offers a stretchy panel at the top of the jeans.  The panel is about 3 inches and goes all the way around the jeans.  The high panel goes all the way to the top of your belly.

I’m currently rocking the high panel boot cut jeans in dark wash.  These jeans are so unbelievably comfortable, and they look super cute too.  The jeans also have a lot of stretch in them, which is great for our changing bodies.  The only downside for me is that they tend to slip down every once in a while, but I’m assuming that as the belly grows, the panel will have more to grab onto.

I love these jeans so much, I’m already looking online to figure out which pair to buy next.  The medium panel boyfriend jeans are on sale now for $24, so I’m thinking that’s a deal I can’t let slide.    There are several other styles to choose from including ankle jeans, flare jeans, skinny jeans, cropped skinny jeans, and straight legged jeans.  With so many styles to choose from, all under $100, we can still be Mamas in style!

Also, if you want an extra discount, I just signed up for their Great Expectations Sweepstakes, which is a contest to win a $1000 shopping spree.  After my sign up, I received a discount code for $20 off a $100 purchase.  Not bad!

Here's a look at the panel styles on the Gap Maternity Jeans: