Fly Girl

I'm right in the middle of taking my first trip alone, post baby. This is how silly I am:  I was totally excited about my lone trip to the airport. I mean, who the hell likes airports?? New moms craving alone time, perhaps. Anywho, I completely enjoyed getting up, putting on a cute little dress, grabbing some Starbucks, and driving to the airport - all without strapping a baby into his seat, arranging the right assortment of sippy cups and snacks, and compiling his favorite combo of books, toys, and music (his current favorite is Rihanna, so I count myself lucky that I don't have to listen to baby songs as I drive). Then, I promptly grabbed myself a Cosmopolitan and an Essence magazine and boarded the plane. As I boarded the plane, seated next to me were two very stylish young women who showered me with compliments about my dress (yay self esteem boost!), and a very hip mom who founded the Swayable app (check it out, its very cool). After our chat about kids and careers, I delved into my juicy magazines,ordered myself a mimosa, and had myself an "ah, life is good moment."

Next up, I'll be spending some much needed alone time with my husband and our best friends in LA!