FLOTUS Got Bangs


If you know me or visit this blog, you know I'm a huge FLOTUS fan. But I always think its funny when things like celebrities getting bangs makes the news, even of it is the First Lady. But since I'm on the subject, what do you think of them? I'm not sure. I may not actually really like them. They're not modern enough. They kind of have a 1995 vibe to them, right? I'm not sure what's off about it - maybe they're too thick, or maybe they need to be more blunt?? Well anyways, she's fabulous, so I'm sure she we will find a way to make this look work for her. In other Michelle Obama news, it's January 19th so this is actually her National Day of Service. We were supposed to honor this day by volunteering our time to a worthy cause. I failed. I spent the day getting my makeup done and shopping with me mom. Maybe that cause is Helping A Stay at Home Mom Stay Sane. Just kidding. In all seriousness, I'm a big believer in giving back, and there are great organizations and causes we can help with all year. To find ways to help serve visit Serve.gov.

Also, FLOTUS finally joined twitter!! Yessss!! Follow her here:@FLOTUS And follow me in twitter @mamainstyleblog