First Thursday Fun

This week was First Thirsday at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) again, so we decided to take Miles forhis second trip. It's not always possible to do it every month, but its something we really want to shoot for. We love art, so naturally it's something we want Miles to develop an appreciation for as well.

Happily, the art bug seems to be catching on already :). Miles was such a rock star at the museum! He was so well behaved and was really genuinely happy to be at the SAM running around. We did the usual first stop at the little play area, and then we spent about 40 minutes wandering around the rest of the museum. It's only been two months since our last trip, but I can see how much Miles has developed since our last visit. This time he was naming the colors he could pick out in the various pieces, as well as pointing out animals, or if there was a boy or girl in a painting. It was very cute.

After the art viewing, he had a big boy meal of pb&j, lol, at the cafe. He was actually quite excited about the sandwich since its not something he eats at home.

All in all, we only spend about an hour and a half at the SAM, and some might think its a lot of effort (30 minute drive from the burbs, finding parking, making it home before bedtime), but we think it's worth it. I can't wait for next month!

My belief about activities such as museums and art galleries is that you absolutely can and should do them with your kids, but you have to do it at their speed. No, I can't spend 10 minutes in front of a piece of art analyzing every bit of it, I only get about 15 seconds, but as my husband put it "you either do it baby style, or you don't get to go at a all." And I'm perfectly happy doing it "baby style."