Feel Good Look Good

One of these days I’m going to master the art of positivity. I’m really working on it. I keep reminding myself to look at all the amazingness in my life, and make that work for me.  For example, my kids’ new school starts much earleir than their previous school. I was really bothered at first. I mean, dang, a mom needs all the time she can get in the mornings to get her crew going, right?? But then, I realized that it meant I now had extra time to work out.  And I don’t live that far from my office. And there are showers at my work! Okay, so, bam. My new work out plan. I now jog into work at least twice per week, right after drop off. 

Feel Good. Feel Good. Feel Good.  Does my outfit look better now??? 😜😝

Crystal Ahmadi