Fashion Mojo Maker,

Ok, just because I'm now officially a suburbanite doesn't mean I have to drive a mini van and wear a daily uniform of Lululemon yoga pants or Juicy Couture velor suits, right? Not that there is anything particularly wrong with this set-up, but I didn't do that when I lived in the city, and I just because I have a different zip code, it doesn't mean I'm fundamentally a different person. My goal has always been about being practical AND fashionable. I must confess though, over the past week, I got a little bit caught in the sweats bubble. It is fairly difficult to motivate myself to throw together a cute little outfit living out in the boonies. Another obstacle: shopping. Before I could walk out my front door, stroll for a few blocks, and end up at Bloomingdales. Now, a short walk only gets me to Starbucks. So, I've decided online shopping will be my new best friend. I recently rediscovered Hooray for Bluefly!! Designer diggs at discounted prices makes a girl like me smile :). This is exactly what I need to get my fashion mojo back. My favorite fashion juxtaposition has always been a few high end pieces mixed with budget friendly fashions. The great thing about is that even my high end pieces don't have to break the bank. Right now, I'm really feeling Prada, and Bluefly has some great Prada deals. The Prada look is clean and classic, which I think makes it a great way to foxy up my wardrobe, without looking overdone. Actually, I like Bluefly's little introduction quote on Prada:

If there's one thing every girl knows is that a Prada bag will complete her outfit, look, and wardrobe.

LOL! I couldn't have said it better myself. A killer pair of shoes and a gorgeous handbag can turn a pair of jeans and t-shirt into a hot look.

Here a few mom friendly (i.e. comfortable) looks I loved on Bluefly.

...and a couple not as comfy, but totally yummy Prada shoes: