Family Friday

When my grandma was in her final days last month, she was surrounded by family - kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, friends that became family. Despite the horrible occasion, we realized how special it was to be gathered all back together. So, in losing the matriarch of our family, we’ve vowed to keep the family united with monthly visits. So, Friday we had some fun at the a bowling/skating rink. You know what’s amazing???? - Generations. Watching different generations engaging, laughing, loving, exploring, learning. I feel really lucky that my kids will get to grow up around this, like I did.

BTW, skating is so fun right!? I’m really mad that I’m so crappy at it. I skated so much as a kid, I always think I can just pop those skates on and I’m good. Maybe it’s my timid nature, I dunno…but basically, it was fun, but definitely not pretty. Although, skating with my son reminded me what an awesome little person he is. That kids is ALL LIMBS, and skating is NOT his thing (also, we don’t do it much, which doesn’t help). Straight out the gate, he and I both fell, ontop of eachother…not very awesome. But after getting over his injured arm (I kept praying, lord please don’t let me have another kid with a broken arm!!), we kept at it. He rrreeaaallllyyyy struggled. But he kept at it. And he was so excited to work at it. By the end he reprimanded me for not taking him skating enough. But my point is that he doesn’t really care what other people think about him. He doesn’t care what he is supposed to do, or supposed to be able to do, or how it is supposed to look. He does things at his pace, and works hard to figure it out and master it. And he is just so genuinely happy when he accomplishes something. That kids is just a masterpiece. I love his little soul.

So, that was a mama-digression. But, my point is that it was really really lovely to have a Friday night surrounded by family. Losing someone special is hard, but if we can create something positive of it, to honor her memory, that feels really good.

Crystal Ahmadi