Fall Face Lift


I am not a stagnant person. I get antsy pretty easily, which mostly translates into style. I love trying new looks: hair, makeup, clothes, and my home. I literally move furniture around every 2 months. Right now I'm sick of my couch, but with a toddler in the picture, I refuse to spend money on a new couch when he's just going to get it dirty. So, I decided to give my couch a face lift using my cow skin rug. In theory, it sounds strange, but I remember seeing it a while ago in some decorating mag and I loved it. And now I'm loving it in my house!! It gave my living room a completely different look. The point? Try something completely unexpected for a funky face lift - you may be surprised how cool it looks. Another update I did was with chalkboard paint. I've been wanting to find a way to use this in my house for a year, and I finally came up with something. We have a cozy little loft room, so I painted the wall behind the bed black and used white bedding to make the black pop. I also added a little crystal chandelier for a little extra drama. I really really love the black paint, so now I'm brainstorming other walls I could possibly use it on ;). Maybe that will be a project for the winter.