Discount Designer Fashion from BCBG Final Cut

I love fashion!  Always have, always will.  I am that girl who, from the instant I got my first job, couldn't wait to shop to fill my wardrobe with clothes from Barneys, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and all the trendy little boutiques.  As DINKS (double income, no kids), I recall days of my husband and I spending leisurely afternoons buzzing around town, and sipping champagne in the stores while we shopped.  Yes, that was me, a designer goods shopping addict.  However, since I've been pregnant, I find that I have a much harder time spending money on designer diggs than I used to.  Of course there is the obvious reason that my belly won't fit into most of the dresses, but I also feel the need to be more practical about my spending habits.  I'm no longer young and child-free.  After all, the introduction of a child into our lives means saving up for cute baby clothes, baby gear, baby sitters, music lessons, language classes, college, etc.,  etc. Hence, with so many potential costs, can I really justify a $300 sweater?   Thankfully, I never became a total label snob, so now I'm just learning to lean more on my deal seeking eye than I did 7 months ago.

Of course, a girl can still have her cake and eat it too.  There are numerous shopping sights that offer discounts on designer fashion, and I've found a fabulous new one.  BCBG has a discount portal on their website called Final Cut.  There are some killer discounts on dresses and accessories.  There are even a few dresses that I can put my pregnant belly into.   As anyone who knows me will tell you, I haven't exactly been wearing "maternity" clothes, other than jeans.  Instead I've been finding non-maternity dresses and tops that have a bit of give, and Final Cut actually has a couple of cute items that can work on a pregnant body.  I love the Blue Draped Sleeved Mini Dress by BCBG.   On Final Cut, the dress has been marked down to  $54 from $108.  There are also some great deals on sandals, heels, belts, sweaters, skirts, and tops.  Fabulous indeed.

Here are a few sale items I'm loving that can work great for pregnant bodies and not so pregnant bodies :).