Countdown to 2019: Some Days are Crap


Not quite a quote, but a reminder that despite best laid plans and affirmations, and positivity, sometimes life is just gonna piss you off. And that’s ok too. I wish I could say that everyday felt like rainbows and sunshine. That I woke up every morning and put a positive spin on everything, all day, everyday. This year, I’ve really worked hard at growing a stronger, smarter, bolder, braver version of myself. Some days it really feels like my work paid off, and other days it feels like no matter what I do, sh*t just isn’t coming together.  Which I think is an important lesson for me in the new year.  I may try my best and put everything I have into life but things may still fall apart. And some days I may do great at picking myself back up. And other days, maybe not so much. But its ok, because we’ll just keep rolling. 

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Crystal Ahmadi