Countdown to 2019: Anything is Possible


A reminder to myself to jump into the day, the week, the new year with a mind full of possible.

i started 2018 with what felt like an impossible choice. Stay deathly miserable or fight for a new possibility. I had to choose myself and my kids over my marriage and it was the hardest decision I may ever have to make. At times, I didn’t think I could survive it. But I did. With strength, family, community, and blossomings of new hope everyday, the impossible became possible.  The possibility that I would survive and THRIVE. Something I hadn’t felt in a loooonnnggg time. 

Look, everyday is hard. A friend recently asked how I’m doing it. And I said I allow myself to have moments and days where I don’t do it. I’m not a super human. Some days I have to talk myself through the day, starting with the act of getting out of bed. And other days I feel awesome, from start to finish. But I think I just keep remembering all the possibilities that lay ahead. Because I know that this is not the end of my story. Because I want to find new possibilities everyday.  Because I know that Ive already built so much out of what is possible. Everyday is full of possible. 

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Crystal Ahmadi