Costume Crisis

The look you give when your kid picks a Halloween costume that isn’t available on Amazon Prime and you fear you might have to handmake something otherwise Halloween will be ruined!!! #momlife #momproblems #halloween

Ok, but seriously, my 8 year decided he wants to be a DEMON KNIGHT for halloweeen!! What is that?!?   is that even a thing. Wwhhhyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?

We make a big deal of Halloween in our family because it’s fun! Or at least fun to me. I think I’ll be 16 my whole life. Don’t judge! So, we usually have a theme. Last year was Harry Potter, the year before that was super heroes (I was Beyonce in Lemonade because, duh, that was some superhero sh*t), and the year before we were Star Wars. We don’t f**k around in our house! And now my kid wants to be a demon knight ?!? What is that, I can’t come up with a theme out of that.  Because you know this is all about mmeeeeee!!!! But really, I’m sensing hours of costume making and/or face painting.  I’m not exactly opposed to it, but it would’ve also been nice to just have a straight out of the box option. 

I told my son to go to bed and think of another option. He was thoroughly depressed....

Btw, when did my kid get old enough to have his own ideas???! #feelingbitter

Crystal Ahmadi